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Enable the business with secure computing

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and cloud computing trends have exponentially increased our connectedness. The Dev Ops trend has increased the number of accounts with full access to servers and data. In tandem, the increasing sophistication of internet attackers and insider threats have imperiled enterprise data security. Faced with a porous network perimeter, heterogeneous computing environment, and hard-to-secure unmanaged devices, IT must raise the bar. Static passwords and user-only authentication aren’t enough. Authorization of system administrators must be based on real-time device security compliance and strong identity.

StrongNet hardened workstations

The best way to administer your IT infrastructure Measurement Bound Keys is from locked down, hardened workstations that enforce encryption, device-to-user association, and strong authentication. StrongNet uses the Trusted Platform Model (TPM), a hardware based encryption engine and root-of-trust built into commodity laptops and servers, to deliver high-integrity user and computer credentials. Our proprietary Measurement Bound Keys ensure that credentials will not be accepted unless the mobile device complies with security policy.

With StrongNet, you can:

  • Block sophisticated attacks, including root kits and pass-the-hash
  • Enforce encryption and remote lock to mitigate the risk of stolen or lost hardware
  • Manage device integrity though interoperable, standards-based secure boot and device attestation

Compatible, reliable, and secure.

StrongNet provides seamless secure access for Microsoft® Remote Desktop Gateway and a variety of system administrator scenarios on premise and in the cloud. Plus, interoperability with multiple identity and authorization data sources means you can lock down any line-of-business scenario.

JW Secure StrongNet diagram

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“Today’s internet threat landscape is such that highly privileged enterprise network accounts are being attacked by adversaries with an unprecedented level of funding and sophistication. StrongNet provides our customers the hardened endpoints they need.”
— Dan Griffin, President, JW Secure, Inc.

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