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Download PowerPoint SlideshowWith StrongNet, we enforce a high security bar for accessing your most critical network resources. If a computer isn’t healthy, or secure, we quarantine it and fix it. Once the computer is healthy and secure again, it automatically gets access again.

Please read on to learn how StrongNet protects your network from sophisticated adversaries.

Solution: Mobile Device Data Security
Several opportunities exist to improve endpoint security in the face of the consumerization and Bring Your Own Device trends in IT:

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  • Authorization today is user-only, rather than User + Device.
  • A heterogeneous client device environment is hard to manage.
  • Unmanaged devices are hard to secure.
  • High-value targets are compromised using Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) such as rootkits and “pass the hash”. These can be difficult risks to mitigate.

StrongNet Value Proposition
Authorization should be based on the current state of the device as well as on the identity of the user. Technologies such as TPM allow device security measurements to be taken and evaluated with high assurance. Most line of business applications already support authentication schemes that can be adapted to this model.
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  • StrongNet provides a security health claim set that the relying network resource can evaluate.
  • Network resource access is gated on hardware-based endpoint security health measurements. This serves to:
    ◦ Block sophisticated attacks
    ◦ Provide interoperable, standard-based authorization

To request a demonstration of StrongNet, please reach us at To learn more about the StrongNet solution, download the StrongNet fact sheet, view the StrongNet presentation, and read on.

StrongNet Components
Security isn’t about the endpoint. It’s about the data. In this picture, the sensitive data resides on a web service. The protection of the data is only as good as the measurements that we can take at the web service about the identity of the user and about the integrity of the device he or she is using.

Mobile Device Management - JW Secure StrongNet

Mobile device management is only meaningful if device configuration policy is enforced at each protected resource during each access check.

StrongNet Data Access Solutions
JW Secure StrongNet complements the following productivity applications to provide seamless, high-assurance data security:

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Windows Server File Services

In addition, StrongNet components Measurement Bound Keysintegrate with the following identity and authorization data sources to lock down any line of business scenario:

  • Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services
  • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
  • Infoblox vIBOS Orchestration Server
  • Juniper Pulse Unified Access Control Service
  • Windows Server Enterprise Certificate Authority

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