High-growth, mid-sized businesses have advanced IT needs that can only be met by a combination of services and resources that are both internal and external, off-premise and on-premise. The most successful businesses are those that can combine those options in innovative ways in order to bring new capabilities to market more quickly and efficiently than their competitors. Until now, compliance requirements have prevented the mid-sized market from benefiting from public cloud and datacenter colocation.

With JW Secure SecurEntity, all of the usual benefits of cloud data storage are available, plus the most important and yet elusive one of all: security. Agile businesses can integrate and deploy new applications quickly and without the hassle of on-premise provisioning of resource intensive services such as SQL. The use of cloud-based SQL benefits not only rapid prototyping, but also enables long-term hosting without the burden that sometimes accompanies increasing and managing an in-house IT staff. Plus, the use of SQL ensures supportability and compatibility with existing enterprise reporting and business intelligence tools.

SecurEntity integrates with the common line of business application frameworks, such as ASP.NET model-view-controller (MVC), to provide seamless military-grade data encryption. When paired with on-premise application servers (which, unlike SQL, can run efficiently on low-cost virtual machines) plaintext data never touches the cloud.

If you’re ready to learn more about how we can help you with running your app securely in a colocation environment, please don’t hesitate to contact us at about our SecurEntity solution. SecurEntity implements a data security proxy as a convenient software library, available in both open-source and closed-source forms, ensuring that your application is secure, easy to deploy, and flexible. We’ll be happy to conduct a free assessment of your line of business application needs.

Need help providing authenticated access for your mobile workforce to your data? Check out StrongNet™. SecurEntity and StrongNet can be combined in a mobile solution to create a robust solution where your secured data never touches the cloud unencrypted and can only be accessed on authenticated and trusted smartphones and PCs.