Cover of Cloud Security and ControlCloud computing has been perceived as a risky strategy, as if an organization were outsourcing its very soul. But Dan Griffin explains that the bigger risk is to ignore the benefits of cloud computing, particularly for high-growth businesses. He demonstrates both how to make the technology secure and how to exploit its unique opportunities as a business enabler. For example, many cloud technologies offer ready support for collaboration with partners and customers, mobile computing and the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend, as well as the consumerization of IT.

This second edition includes the current state of cloud technology, data security and data storage, with Griffin covering best practices, tools and security must-haves for investing in the cloud, including these:

  • Threat modeling
  • Federated identity
  • Phone-based authentication
  • Attribute-based authorization
  • Encryption

Download the first three chapters of Cloud Security and Control, 2nd Edition, to find out how to build data security into your move to the cloud.