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Dan GriffinWelcome to the 40th edition of the JW Secure Informer, our bi-monthly newsletter. This is an opportunity to share what’s on our radar, specifically with respect to enterprise network security, but also regarding IT and business more generally. The Informer is intended to be useful content and good for a quick read. So if it’s just clutter in your inbox, we’ve failed, and I hope you’ll let us know.

The IT industry is experiencing a credential theft epidemic. Take a look at this video to learn how to prevent credential theft with StrongNet. You'll see how to make sure privileged accounts are managed correctly from the start.

You already know that Windows 10 has great cyber defenses— until you start installing application software on it. That's like saying an airplane is quite safe-until you put passengers on it. Read Is your application software secure? for a helpful approach to securing all the software you use.

Are you an inspirational leader? If you're a CISO, you take the lead in making sure IT is seen as a strategic asset rather than a hindrance. In The CISO leads the charge to the cloud, we discuss a variety of tools and perspectives the CISO can use to make sure the organization appreciates IT's contribution.

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