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Making security choiceless: device identity and enterprise credential theft risk mitigation

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Looking to reconnect at RSA

Planning on attending RSA Conference 2016 in San Francisco? JW Secure will have a booth at the Trusted Computing Group showcase in Moscone Center, starting at 8:30am on Monday, February 29. Please stop by and say hi.

Make security choiceless

Anyone with valuable data is subject to cyber-attacks. The more valuable the data, the more sophisticated the attacks that it attracts. Credential theft is the means by which most data loss occurs. To learn more about making security choiceless and mitigating enterprise credential theft risk please check out our new whitepaper.

Privileged account management done right from the start

StrongNet Secure Admin is an always-on endpoint security solution that provides active threat prevention and detection for devices in the field. StrongNet protects your hardware, firmware, and software from sophisticated attacks, including tampering and rootkits.

Endpoints are still the weakest link in data security and yet recent generations of enterprise-class hardware have defensive capabilities that aren't being used. JW Secure recommends protecting business-critical data by enforcing user two-factor authentication, device identity, and hardware security policy with existing standard network protocols. We'll be happy to show you how.

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