How to stop network credential theft

Enterprise network credentials are like the keys to your house: once someone has a copy, they can enter your space whenever they want. The more valuable your property, the more motivated the bad guys are to get in. Worse, sophisticated network intruders leave no trace. Digital assets can be copied, malware can be installed and […]

The Right Way to do Derived Credentials

Derived credentials are part of our everyday lives. For example, if you have a US driver’s license, you presented a birth certificate in order to obtain it. What about Apple Pay? When used for a purchase, it identifies you to Apple, provides an association with your credit card, and allows Apple to pay the merchant […]

Better Defense Against Enterprise Credential Theft

Target Rich Environment Corporations with valuable intellectual property, utilities with critical infrastructure, and government entities such as national intelligence are all irresistible targets to independent and state-funded computer hackers. Typical attacks start by attempting to compromise an Internet accessible device, such as a web or email server, or a remote user laptop. Due to the […]

High-Integrity Internet-Scale Device Authentication

Security is a perennial challenge in Internet of Things (IOT) scenarios. Suppose a sensor network has been deployed to a factory that manufactures cutting-edge electronics. In the interest of protecting trade secrets and business reputation, it’s critical that the sensors – including motion detectors, video cameras, and quality and industrial control related devices – be […]

Security Trends and Guerilla Tactics for Conference Attendees in 2015

It is incumbent upon IT professionals to keep their skills current. This is tough because, while there are basic principles that don’t change, the shelf life of technology-specific skills gets shorter each year. The good news is that most conferences are designed specifically to inform attendees what’s new. For example, the RSA 2015 security conference […]

Data Security and the Internet of Things

We all have secrets we keep on our mobile devices: passwords, customer data, strategic plans. And yet high-profile cyber-attacks – Home Depot, NSA, Sony, Target – continuously remind us of the risks posed to enterprise systems by sophisticated adversaries, trusted insiders, insecure hardware, and single-factor authentication. Those publicized security incidents notwithstanding, there is a body […]

Hardware integrity for Mobile Device Management

Two trends are in conflict in the enterprise, endpoint protection and bring your own device (BYOD) to work. Mobile Device Management (MDM) seeks to fill the gap, but current solutions fail in that they cannot assure the integrity of the mobile device. This means that the identity of the mobile user and the protection of […]

Security as a Business Enabler: StrongNet Secure Admin

This post describes how the JW Secure StrongNet Secure Admin solution enables your business by protecting high-privilege network accounts, even on unmanaged mobile computers. IT Security is a Business Enabler The “bring your own device” trend allows employees to work when they want, how they want, and where they want. This flexibility increases the speed […]

Accelerating enterprise cloud adoption, safely

Many thanks to the organizers of Seattle Technical Forum, and to the sponsor of last night’s Side by Side of Cloud Computing (IV) event in Bellevue, WA, UnifyCloud (in particular, kudos to host Marc Pinotti for keeping the event on schedule). The main theme that emerged from the sessions is that, while enterprise IT and […]

Enterprise security is all about people

When it comes to planning and executing projects to improve enterprise security, I find that IT security practitioners are frequently focusing on the wrong things. First, don’t focus on computers and network routers when you should be focused on the data that traverses them. For example, are you putting the same amount of effort into […]