Open-source SecurEntity encryption library now in Beta

Beta 2 of SecurEntity, our encryption library for Entity Framework, is now available here, along with full source code. Closed-source licensing and support contracts are available.

The most notable change in this release is the addition of a sample client project so that it’s easier to see how everything works. Also, we refactored some common code into the encryption library so there’s even less to do on the application side.

Seamless SQL row encryption and data integrity protection, as implemented by SecurEntity, is a compelling approach for several reasons. The main benefit is that you can store sensitive data in hosted SQL, since plaintext never leaves the application tier. Use of hosted services increases business velocity, which translates to increased revenue.

From a technical perspective, SecurEntity is integrated into an existing toolkit – namely, Entity Framework – so it’s easy to use, and minimally invasive to the application business logic, and hence easier to maintain.

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